Geared Machines

Geared Machines

TM Series - Models TM21, TM26, and TM35

Our TM Series features a streamlined and compact design which allows for significant weight reduction without sacrificing durability or frame rigidity. We use tapered roller bearings in these models that require no periodic grease lubrication. No period lubrication assures reliable performance over time without the risk of efficiency loss or failure, unlike other machines where bearing lubrication is required and can be catastrophic when overlooked. The ™ series worm shaft, using the recommended geared machine oil, employs a unique design that protects the shaft. Models in this series are the TM-21, TM-26, TM-35. 


  • ASME A17.1/CSA-B44, EN81-1  
  • Shrink-fit sheaves on traction sheave 
  • Oil bath worm gear unit, high strength cast iron case  
  • Alloy steel worm, case hardened, stress relieved, with anti-wear bronze bushings  
  • Tough nickel based, bronze worm wheel for extended durability  
  • Alloy steel worm wheel shaft, case hardened, tempered  
  • High-strength grade, ductile iron sheave  
  • Electrically released, independently acting brakes 
  • Flexible style coupling for minimized vibration and fast motor alignment 
  • Motor is UL/CSA CUS Certified 


  • Modernization and new construction  
  • Overhead machine room  
  • 2000 lbs. (900kg) to 6000 lbs. (2700kg) capacity at speeds from 100 to 400 fpm (0.5 to 2.0 m/s)  
  • TM35 can handle higher load in some cases (Contact us for details) 

Geared Traction Machines Performance Comparisons

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