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Power generation expertise and solutions to the Retail & Commercial industry.

 Commercial Power Generation 

Retail & Commercial Expertise

Thousands of our alternators are operating in hotels, supermarkets, shopping centers, and public buildings all over the world providing critical and reliable power solutions when needed. They bring comfort and safety to individuals and IT systems in case of main power failure. Experience and quality make Kato Engineering alternators the right solution.

Standards & Certifications

Kato Engineering designs power generation systems that can comply with numerous international standards (ISO, IEEE, MIL-STD, NEMA…) and meet/exceed industry standards for performance, reliability, maintainability, and compactness. With each proposal, we quote specific requirements for your application needs.


A global network of certified Service Centers can provide repairs and maintenance of products for the Retail & Commercial industry. Everywhere in the world, there is a service centre able to take care of your needs.

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