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Modern society’s ever-increasing appetite and dependence on technology requires 24/7/365 data access and Kato Engineering / Leroy-Somer understand the importance of this vital Data Center need. Uptime is key and that means not only having the most reliable backup power for your mission critical facility, but ensuring our products can be easily tested, maintained and supported. Our Kato Engineering and Leroy-Somer brands have been leaders in the Power Generation market for over 85 years and provide backup generators to Data Center installations worldwide.


Our Data Center Pro generators are designed with features to optimize data center performance and reliability. We design our generators to meet all data center requirements which may include low subtransient reactance, leading power factor capabilities or other site-specific requirements. We also incorporate our experience with other harsh applications to ensure our generators are equipped with world-class insulations systems for long life in mission critical applications.



Engineered to accommodate your conditions and needs

  • Climate Adaptability: We design our generators to be rugged and operate in a wide range of temperatures and environments. We welcome discussion with your team regarding any challenging environmental conditions for your application.
  • Code / Specifications Compliance: Kato Engineering / Leroy-Somer are well versed in industry specifications and code compliance. We will make certain that your generator is compliant with NFPA, IEEE, NEC, UL, IBC, ISO or any other certification standards.
  • Customization: We have a wide range of typical options available and can offer further customization to fit your needs.
  • Sizing Requirements: Our engineering staff is invested in your success and has the tools and expertise to design in the right-sized (not just oversized) alternator to optimize your application requirements.


We are Data Center Pros. With a history of reliability and durability second to none, our brands have been in Data Centers for over 20 years. We are field-proven. We are project focused. We design power generation products that comply with all international standards (ISO, IEEE, MIL_STD, NEMA…). And, we meet and exceed industry standards for performance, reliability and power density. Engineered solutions are what we do and our stable of engineers are ready to assist you with your project needs. When down time is not an option, Kato and Leroy-Somer alternators are there to provide the reliable power you need.

Data Center Pro Lineup

The Nidec brands of Kato Engineering and Leroy-Somer offer Data Center platforms that can provide from 380-15000V/1,000KW-4MW/1500-1800 RPM. Our generators are designed for both engine and turbine packages fueled by diesel or gas.



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