Turbine Generators

Turbine Generators

Kato Engineering generators for gas & steam turbines are designed for efficiency and durability for use in demanding industrial applications. They operate with extremely low levels of vibration, can be easily sound-attenuated and require minimal maintenance.

Our full range of gas and steam turbine alternators are capable of generating up to 25 MW of electrical power to serve as the prime power source for off-grid locations from offshore drilling platforms and ships to onshore locations desiring independent power of the capability to sell power to the grid.

With more than 50 years of design and testing standards experience, our knowledgeable turbine alternator engineering group will work with you to meet your customized requirements and exact specifications for all of your applications.

We offer a wide range of cooling options, and for petroleum applications Kato Engineering can meet hazardous application (Class 1 Division 2, or zone 2 per IEC Ex and ATEX) and API-546 requirements.

Enclosures: Open drip proof is standard, with the following options available:

  • Kato Differentiators
    • Kato Engineering turbine designs emphasize high efficiency, lower operating costs, and reduced downtime
    • High grade magnetic steel is used to minimize core losses due to hysteresis and eddy currents
    • Stiff construction, sleeve bearings and a circulating oil system minimize vibration and boost turbine generator reliability
    • Mica turn-taped magnetic wire provides more than 50 percent better instantaneous surge capacity over glass-covered magnet wire to prevent shorted or grounded windings
    • Our vacuum-pressure impregnated (VPI) epoxy system protects against premature winding failure in harsh environments
  • Design and Test Features
    Excitation System
    • Sustained application overload conditions
    • Short circuit current capacity of 300% for ten seconds
    • Oversized diode assembly and optional redundancy
    • Regulation better than or equal to +/- 0.25%
    Rotor Design
    • Depending on the machine size and speed, the rotor is either stacked laminated high-grade steel shrunk fit onto a shaft or forged solid steel
    • Coils use glass coated magnet wire with 100% epoxy impregnation
    Bearing Design
    • Rolling bearing (sealed or regreasable) or sleeve bearing design
    • Extensive testing capabilities per IEEE 115 and IEC 60034
    • Up to 40 MVA load and five dedicated test bays equipped with digital acquisition systems for electrical, thermal, and vibration data collection and analysis
    • Connection available for remote testing supervision
    Electrical Insulation System
    • Class H (180° C) insulation in all windings and rotor assemblies
    • Optional design to pass the NEMA MG1 sealed winding insulation water test
    • Designed to provide 200,000 hr operational service life for Class B 120° C temperature rise
    • Form-wound coils with glass coated magnet wire and 100% solid epoxy VPI
    • Fully wrapped coils with mica insulation have semi-conductive and conductive tape to minimize partial discharge on high voltage machines
    • Armored tape is applied at each end-turn
    • Robust bracing system installed to protect against coil movement caused by current spikes and higher harmonic frequencies
    • Epoxy overspray on windings for additional protection against harsh environments
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