Genuine Kato and Leroy-Somer original components for your alternator, straight from our factories.

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Direct from the Source

Alternator components, especially electronics, endure a high level of stress. Quality of materials, precision in assembly and a high tolerance level for the whole design are therefore essential elements to guarantee the durability of any component of the machine.
By getting a certified Kato or Leroy-Somer replacement part, your generator will achieve increased performance and prolonged uptime between inspections and maintenance operations.

Beware of counterfeit products

There are many counterfeit alternator spare parts out there, especially AVRs, which are a critical component to monitor and use alternators. A counterfeit AVR can mean fatal short circuits, poor performances and weak construction.
Always make sure to buy your spare parts from trusted sources: 

  • Direct order through our Sales Team
  • Approved reseller
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