We offer cost-effective remanufacturing services to help you extend the useful life cycle of your alternator.

As maintenance and capital investment budgets are scrutinized, many companies are beginning to recognize the value of refurbishing existing assets nearing the end of their life cycle. Kato Engineering offers cost-effective remanufacturing services to help you extend the useful life cycle of your KATO™ and Leroy Somer alternators.


Strong processes and stringent quality checks return worn, end-of-life alternators to a like-new state with comparable performance. All remanufacturing is done at our facilities to ensure that exact specifications and high workmanship standards are met. Remanufactured alternators leave with a new 12-month factory warranty on all replacements parts and rewinds.

Quality Service

By relying on our manufacturing capabilities, you are assured of a superior factory-built quality product, competitively priced with quick turnaround:

  • Genuine replacement parts made to original specifications
  • The best insulation system in the industry
  • A complete resin VPI system on all rewinds
  • Wash and blast booths
  • Two-plane dynamic rotor balancing
  • Complete testing capabilities
  • Certified ISO 9001 quality standards
  • ABS certified and ATEX licensed


Workshop services

Our factory workshops are also available to perform the following operations:

  • Bearing Replacement
  • Rotor or Stator Rewinding
  • Winding Impregnation using VPI Process
  • Painting
  • Load Testing

We offer turnkey overhaul & remanufacturing service including on-site removing, transport, and re-commissioning operations.

Next Steps...

Contact us to get your KATO or Leroy-Somer Generator remanufactured today.

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