Nidec Drives supporting mental health
16 Mai 2024

2023 saw Nidec Drives host a series of events in celebration of their 50th anniversary. The purpose of the events was to give back to our employees, whilst also contributing to the wider community. We wanted to combine fun events with raising funds for a charity chosen by our employees. MIND- Mental Health is the charity we decided to donate our fundraising to. Totting up at the end of the year, a fantastic total of £1,748.04 was raised, this donation has been made to MIND and they were very grateful for our efforts stating:

“Thank you, we really appreciate your kind donation.

Your donation will support vital helplines, provide life-saving information and maintain online peer support services for people when they need it most. With your donation, we can continue to campaign and protect the rights of people with mental health problems. 

For millions of people, mental health is now something to be honest about – not ashamed of. 

With the support of people like you, the Mind community has been and will continue to be at the heart of this transformation.”

In one year, MIND responded to over 128,000 queries to their support and information helpline and their mental health information was accessed 21.4 million times. With continuous donations and support, MIND will not stop until everyone experiencing mental health problems gets the help and respect they deserve. 

Monday 13th May – Sunday 19th May marks Mental Health Awareness Week, which aims to reduce stigma, promote understanding, and empower young people to prioritise their mental health. As a business, every employer has a moral obligation to pay attention to their employee’s mental well-being, with that in mind, Nidec Drives takes a look at how mental health discussions can help retain staff and contribute towards a happy and healthy environment as employees strive towards their career goals.

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