Automated Truss Machine Case Study

Automated Truss Machine


A truss manufacturer was looking to improve productivity and reduce cost, but was not willing to construct an addition to their existing building. After researching automated truss manufacturers and their users, they set out to design their own product in order to become an automated truss machine OEM. Their goals were to reduce cost, reduce down time, and to make it very user friendly.

The customer’s concept challenged our distributor’s sales engineer to provide a low cost motor control which would respond as a servo-control (which is predominantly used in other automated truss machines). The engineers quickly presented the opportunity to KB’s Sales Engineering team for their feedback.


The KBMG-212D, equipped with a Multi-Speed Board, was selected and the OEM designed a closed loop Automated Jigging System.  After testing the machine in their own facility for two years, they decided to share their design with other truss manufacturers.

Today, this automated truss machine OEM is one of the leaders in their industry.


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