The Driving Force Behind Endless Industry Innovations.

Our Family of Brands

With pedigrees stretching over 100 years, the brands of Nidec's Appliance, Commercial and Industrial Motors division (ACIM), have been delivering quality and innovative technology for generations. Now together under the Nidec umbrella, you can access any of our brands to find the perfect solution for your application.

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Everything that spins and moves

Products for diverse applications around the globe

Nidec's Appliance, Commercial and Industrial Motors are available in sizes from tiny to gigantic for countless applications, including:
  • Agriculture -- pumping, ventilation and material handling.
  • Autonomous guided vehicles of all sizes
  • Compressor motors from reciprocating to rotary screw to centrifugal
  • Food and beverage motors that are easy to clean
  • Motion control solutions for material handling, robotics and other specialized applications
  • Commercial and residential HVAC
  • Severe duty industries such as oil and gas
  • Water and wastewater industries of all kinds

About Nidec Corporation

Today, Nidec Corporation is closely associated with approximately 300 group companies all over the world. Nidec is the world's No.1 comprehensive motor manufacturer handling "everything that spins and moves", miniature to gigantic.

Nidec has grown into a market-leading global company in the short span of 40 years due to the fact that it has never stopped striving to become the "world's No.1." We have devoted ourselves to reaching the "world's No.1" position while following our three principles of behavior.

  1. Passion, Enthusiasm, Tenacity
  2. Working hard and smart
  3. Do it now; do it without hesitation; do it until completed

These very spirits are the identity and strength of our company.

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The Nidec Story

See how Nidec Corporation has grown and will continue to ride waves of societal and technologic change to become the world's electric motor leader.

Powering the Vertical Pumping World

Nidec Motor Corporation's U.S. MOTORS branded vertical motors have been the industry standard since 1922.

ACCU-Torq Overview

As part of our ACCU-Series™, our ACCU-Torq® AC motors are high performance induction motors specifically designed for precision speed control. Optional encoder-equipped ACCU-Torq motors are an error-free solution to applications requring accurate positioning or precise speed control without the rapid acceleration dynamics of a servomotor. ACCU-Torq is designed to be used with inverters and vector drives in applications requiring up to a 5000:1 constant torque speed range.