When it comes to motors for use in your farm applications, there is only one name you need to know.
Our U.S. MOTORS brand motors are built to meet your performance, efficiency and longevity needs.

Agriculture motors that reliably power a variety of farm applications

The farm and agriculture industry is a demanding one, which makes having efficient motors that withstand tough conditions an absolute must. Nidec, a trusted name in manufacturing electric motors, understands the unique requirements of farm and agriculture. Motors that carry the Nidec name are constructed to last. We make quality and reliability two of the hallmarks of our products, and you can depend on our motors and drives to deliver the longevity you need.

Our U.S. MOTORS® brand crafts rugged agriculture and farm motors well-suited to withstand any harsh condition thrown their way. We employ innovative teams of experienced engineers who thrive on creating solutions customized to your exacting specifications. Whether you need motors to power aeration and conditioning, grain handling, irrigation, material handling, ventilation or some other farming application, you can depend on our motors and drives to get the job done.

U.S. MOTORS brand agriculture motors