Landing Systems

Landing Systems

Landing systems include iLand for iControl, ELGO for Motion systems, SET-9000 for Tricon, and LS-QUAD-2, LS-QUIK, LS-STAN, and LS-QUTE for other products.

  • iLand/iLand C
  • iLand is the cartop landing system for iControl applications
  • iLand PC boards and components

  • iLand/iLand C

    Note: The I-LAND-X-H is no longer available as a complete assembly; following replacement parts are available. 

    I-LAND-X-H *

    Part Number Description
    C-HB/QSB-6 / -12 Cable, header board to sensor (6-inch or 12-inch)
    LS-HSB-F Magnetic sensor board
    LS-HB-F Header board
    I-LAND-72MM-ROLLER iLanding system roller guide 72mm
    QUAD-SENSOR-ASSY Quadrature sensor assembly
    40-14-0019 Landing zone magnet

    *X designates front door (1) or front/rear doors (2)


    Part Number Description
    I-LAND-1-C iLand assembly, compact (Front doors only)
    I-LAND-2-C iLand assembly, compact (Front/rear doors)
    I-LAND-C-UPGRD-KIT Upgrade I-LAND-X-H to I-LAND-X-C, compact unit
    40-14-0019 Landing zone magnet
    QUADSENSR-WHL-ASSY Quadrature sensor assembly w/ wheel
    LS-IPL Landing system i-Land plus level
    LS-IPH Landing system i-Land plus headboard
    LS-PEDESTAL-BSE Landing system pedestal kit (Requires center column)
    40-25-0015 14-inch center column
    40-25-0018 20-inch center column

    *X designates front door (1) or front/rear doors (2)

  • iLand Slide Guide

    Used where conditions prohibit using the traditional iLand with encoding wheel.

    iLand slide guide landing system components

    Part Number Description
    LS-MRDF Machine room distance feedback board
    LS-PSB Landing system proximity sensor board
    LS-STAN5-SG-R-ASSY Cartop leveling system assembly

  • Motion ELGO Landing System

    Motion Control ELGO components

    Part Number Description
    LS-TAPEMNTOP-ELGO Tape mount arm/kit, top
    LS-TAPEMNTBOT-ELGO Tape mount arm/kit, bottom
    LS-READERMNT-ELGO Sensor head mounting kit
    TAPE-MT-ELGO Mounting kit, contains all three kits listed above
    LS-TAPEADPTR-ELGO Adapter kit for 8# rail
    11-02-0033 Sensor head/160mm
    40-13-0008 Magnetic tape/160mm
    11-02-0042 Sensor head/240mm
    40-13-0009 Magnetic tape/240mm
    11-02-0041 Face plate or guide plate (white plastic on front of ELGO head) 160mm
    11-02-0044 Face plate or guide plate (white plastic on front of ELGO head) 240mm

  • SET-9000

    The SET-9000 landing system uses solid state sensors to detect the presence of magnetic strips placed on a length of steel tape that runs the length of the elevator hoistway. Magnetic strips are placed along the tape in three, distinct rows. The center row is used for “leveling” magnets. The left hand row is used for up direction “slowdown” magnets. The right hand row is used for down direction “slowdown” magnets.

    The sensor head containing the solid state sensors is mounted on the elevator car so that it “rides” the steel tape as the car moves, detecting and using the magnets to control floor approach and leveling.

    SET-9000 components

    Part Number Description
    45-95-0101 N pole magnetic tape, 6-inches
    45-95-0102 S pole magnetic tape, 6-inches
    C-95-0078 Cable M/F DB 15-pin, 8 foot
    LS-T-SET9000-CB Control board
    LS-T-SET9000-HM Head mounting kit
    LS-T-SET9000-MC Channels kit
    LS-T-SET9000-TC Tape clamp

  • LS-QUAD-2 and LS-QUIK

    LS-QUAD-2 components

    Part Number Description
    11-20-0100 Tape guide w/ holes
    33-05-0002-A 4 A TRIAC 5MA gate DR
    33-05-0005-A 8 A TRIAC MAC 228A10
    40-10-0003 Tape
    40-11-0001 6” magnet
    40-11-0007 2.5” magnet
    40-11-0008 5” magnet
    40-11-0009 7.5” magnet
    40-11-0010 10” magnet
    HC-DFLS DF landing system board
    HC-SB1 Sensor board -LS QUAD
    LS-PS1 Mag proximity switch

    LS-QUIK-1 Components

    Part Number Description
    33-05-0002-A 4 A TRIAC 5MA gate DR
    33-05-0005-A 8 A TRIAC MAC 228A10
    HC-DFQ DF landing system bd
    LSQK2-ENCDR Encoder and wheel (IMC-AC, SCR, IMC-MG)
    LSQK2-ENCDR-100 Encoder and wheel (IMC Performa)
    PEN-VANE-12# Proximity encoder vane assembly, 12# rail
    PEN-VANE-15# Proximity encoder vane assembly, 15# rail
    PEN-VANE-30# Proximity encoder vane assembly, 30# rail
    VS-1L-H Proximity switch



    Part Number Description
    VS-1A-H Proximity switch with hardware
    PS-7A Power supply adapter to power the optical switches
    P4-VANE-12# Vane assembly, 8/11/12# rail
    P4-VANE-15# Vane assembly, 15/18-1/2# rail
    P4-VANE-30# Vane assembly, 22-1/2/30# rail
    P4-VANE-3 3” vane and mounting hardware


    Part Number Description
    11-10-0002-B Regular tape
    11-20-0100 Tape guide w/ holes
    40-10-0004 Stainless steel tape
    40-14-0003 6” magnet
    40-14-0002 3’ magnet
    40-14-0020 1.5” magnet
    HC-IPLS Landing system board
    LS-PS2 Mag proximity switch

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