Power Loss Mitigation

Power Loss Mitigation

MCE provides two products to mitigate the effects of commercial power failure on traction elevator systems.
Both are for AC drive controllers only.

  • TAPS (Traction Auxiliary Power Supply)
  • Video Assisted Rescue System

  • TAPS

    TAPS (Traction Auxiliary Power Supply) is an intelligent UPS system that provides power during a commercial power failure to automatically move a car to an adjacent landing and open the doors to allow passengers to exit.

    Part Number Description
    TAPS-3KVA Trctn aux PS 3KVA 208-240/460-480V 60hz
    TAPS-3KVA-BASE Trac aux P/S base for TAPS-3kVA
    TAPS-6KVA-240VAC Trctn aux PS 6kVA 208-240VAC 60Hz
    TAPS-6KVA-480VAC Trctn aux PS 6kVA 480VAC 60Hz
    TAPS-VF Control board
    HAPS-600 Hydraulic aux power supply board
    30-06-0002 UPS 3000VA 120V 1 phase w/ terminals, for 3kVA
    30-06-0003 UPS 6000VA 220V 1 phase w/ terminals, for 6kVA 240 or 480V
    30-05-0023 Battery, 12V, 7.2AH
    30-05-0022 Battery pack 24V 2.0AH NiMH 20AA cells
    35-04-0037 Contact, surge suppressor, 3RT1055, 6kVA-240
    35-04-0038 Interlock adapter for 35-95-0006, 6kVA-240
    35-12-0010 Aux contactor side mt, 1NO, 1NC, 3kVA, 6kVA-480
    35-12-0209 Contactor, mechanical links, 10mm, 3kVA, 6kVA-480
    35-95-0006 Interlock, 3RA1954-2A, 6kVA-240
    35-95-0014 Interlock, 50/65/80/91A, 3kVA, 6kVA-480
    35-95-0034 Contactor, ATL, 25/30/60/75HP, 6kVA-480
    35-95-0037 Contactor, ATL 50/60/125/150HP, 6kVA-240
    35-95-0050 Contact, surge suppressor, 3kVA, 6kVA-480
    35-95-0147 Contactor, 3kVA
    30-05-0004 Battery, 3V, 1000MAH

  • Video Assisted Rescue System

    Used primarily for machine room-less installations, this system uses a camera mounted on the elevator car, landing signs in the hoistway, a battery/inverter, and a viewing screen and controls in the elevator controller to allow a technician to bring the car safely to a landing and manually open the doors to allow passengers to exit during a commercial power failure.

    Video Assisted Rescue System

    Part Number Description
    60-52-0008 BNC to RCA (plug) adapter
    60-52-0009 BNC to discrete wires adapter (Balun)
    60-52-0010 Video LCD
    60-52-0012 Switch panel

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