High Efficiency

High Efficiency Generators

Kato Engineering Ultra High Efficiency alternators range from 380 to 13800 Volts. Kato Engineering's patented high efficiency units deliver optimum efficiencies beyond the traditional approach to high efficiency generators.

We offer the following specifications:

Power Rating: 500 kW - 2 MW

Frequency: 60 Hz or 50 Hz, three phase

Speed: @ 50/60 Hz: 1500/1800 RPM, 1000/1200 RPM

Rotor and stator insulation: Class F or Class H with 100% solids epoxy resin vacuum-pressure impregnation (VPI)

Efficiency: Up to 98.0% (@ 0.9 PF) depending on kW rating, operating speed and voltage. Product uses high grade electrical steel for high efficiency.

Enclosures: Open drip proof is standard

To find out more on our standard high efficiency generators, please contact us at:

KatoEngineering@mail.nidec.com or 507-625-4011


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