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Kato Engineering

Founded in 1926, Kato Engineering employs over 400 people in its 345,000 square-foot facility in North Mankato, Minnesota. Our ruggedly constructed generators have survived the harshest environments, and our commitment to meeting customer needs has made the Kato name synonymous with dependable power generation worldwide.

Kato Engineering provides reliable, durable products for your specific power generation needs, along with expertise, product support, genuine parts, remanufacturing options, and training you can depend on. Quality and innovation make Kato generators the right choice for your project.

  • History

    Founded in 1926, Kato Engineering found initial success by producing a rotary converter, a device used to operate AC radios from DC storage batteries or DC “farm light plants." "Kato Konverters" spread rapidly and were used to power not only radios, but also all kinds of devices found on ships, military tanks, and in homes all over the world. Shortly after, Kato designed its first synchronous alternator: A 350W self-excited AC generator for direct connection to an air-cooled engine, the first American company to offer this type of product.

    During WWII, Kato Engineering supplied over 10,000 generators ranging from 5-10 kW for the US Ordnance Department to support the war effort, as well as developed its’ first revolving field generator. After the war, Kato developed a complete line of brushless generators and shifted its focus on supplying generators to Original Equipment Manufacturers. Through the 1960’s-70’s, Kato’s reputation for engineering expertise led to manufacturing generators for the Apollo missions as well as generators used aboard US Navy ships.

    In the 1980’s Kato Engineering developed a special Medium / High Voltage insulation system derived from working in the Oil & Gas industry.  These generators were released as a drill rig solution with form-wound coils, glass insulated rotor wire, and targeted high safety factors.  Kato generators have been supplied all across the globe as the premier Oil & Gas power solution due to unmatched product quality and reliability.

    As Kato Engineering continued to grow through the 90’s and 2000’s, shipping its 100,000th order in 1993, its product offering has expanded to producing new turbine generators and specialized motor-generator sets.  In 2011, Kato Engineering added a new addition to its headquarters in Mankato, MN allowing for the production of generators up to 25 MW.

    Now a part of Nidec Electric Power Generation along with Leroy-Somer, Kato Engineering is positioned to continue and grow our reputation for producing the world's best alternators backed by engineering expertise and unparalleled customer service throughout the whole generator life cycle.


  • Our Mission

    Together we will create the most trusted solutions empowering society to live, advance, and thrive: leading the technology of tomorrow.

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