Industries & Applications

Some industries we serve:

Building and Construction

Commercial Aviation   

Commercial Marine

Commercial, Industrial

Data Centers

Military Defense

Hydro Power


Nuclear Power Generation

Oil & Gas Power Generation

Prime Power Plants Power Generation

Rail Power Generation

Residential Power Generation

Telecommunications Power Generation

Wind Power Generation



Industry Expertise

For the best part of a century, Kato Engineering has been present wherever people have needed to produce energy and transmit movement. With this wealth of acquired experience, Kato Engineering's engineers and technicians are able to offer reliable, innovative solutions for a wide range of applications and industries.

Why Kato Engineering

Kato Engineering adapts and customizes our product ranges taking into account :

  • specification or the customer’s process (control, self-diagnostics, communication, automation system, monitoring, etc)
  • working environment (moisture, corrosion, high temperature, potentially explosive atmospheres, etc)
  • machine function (materials handling, pumping, compression, ventilation, etc)
  • type of industry (chemical, automotive, food processing, paper-making, marine, etc)

Kato Engineering has developed new technologies for machine cooling, high speed, electromagnetic compatibility, reduction of noise and vibration, surface treatments, mechanical resistance of materials, and coating and insulation of windings, all of which constitute an unrivaled range of solutions.

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