Leroy-Somer and Kato Engineering announce the launch of GenOSys

A cloud-based framework for power generation assets monitoring

Leroy-Somer and Kato Engineering announce the launch of GenOSys™, a cloud-based framework for power generation assets monitoring

MAY 23, 2017

GenOSys™ is designed around a proprietary platform that can collect & process all types of data involved in power generation (currents, voltages, resistances, temperatures, vibrations, fuel consumption, etc.). The purpose of the system is to enable real-time management of remote assets. It also capitalizes on the data backlog to build analytics and scenarios that can be used to anticipate faults for predictive maintenance, or to optimize system efficiency.

Any power generation assets can be equipped with GenOSys™, where typical applications include hydro power plants, oil and gas drilling rigs, commercial marine fleets, or other critical power assets. 

Depending on what the user wants to track, various sensors are affixed to the system, and existing devices can be connected to the cloud platform. This flexibility means that GenOSys™ can be used both for retrofit and for new industrial projects to capitalize on significant operational savings.

Kato Engineering and Leroy-Somer have over 3 years of field experience with the platform, building a scalable system to validate the technical feasibility and business relevance of the idea.

“This system allows us to offer operational cost avoidance and safety enhancements for virtually any vertical market or application” said Tim Newell, Solutions Business Development Director. “What is truly exciting is the analytics component, where we’ve uncovered potential for data-based and system intelligence diagnostics. With our backlog of tens of thousands of field-operating hours, we can identify issues and generate events to anticipate failures.”

GenOSys™ will be offered as a basic, premium, and custom solution to end users, genset manufacturers, and packagers. Its flexible approach to retrofit also makes it an ideal solution for maintenance and aftersales service providers looking to increase efficiency in existing infrastructure, improve cost containment, and greatly improve safety of operations personnel.

For more information about GenOSys, visit www.genosys.net

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