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"Voltage Regulators: The Key to Genset Performance and Protection"

Voltage regulators are the heart of generator performance, reliability, and safety.  Understanding the function, optimal set points, and modes of Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs) and Digital Voltage Regulators (DVRs) is crucial in ensuring the proper operation of any genset as well as offering protection to overloading.


"Testing 1 2 3... The What, How, and Why of Generator Testing"

Standard and specialized Generator Testing is a crucial process in ensuring reliable operation in the field for any given application. In this Webinar, we’ll first explore the “what, how, and why” of standard generator tests as well as how to make sense of and apply generator testing data and curves for your particular application.


"Find Your Bearings"

Generator bearing selection plays a key role in determining the overall performance, lifetime, cost and maintenance methods for a generator set.  In “Find Your Bearings” we will examine differences in cost, size, application, maintenance practices and certifications between deep groove ball, spherical roller, split roller, and sleeve bearings.  In addition, we will explore the appropriate maintenance routines and practices needed to maximize your generator life.  Finally, we will discuss how vibration measurements and limits affect the design of the generator for custom applications.



"Generator Jargon"

Electrical Characteristics of a generator are often overlooked or misunderstood when planning or quoting a power generation project.  This often leads to over-sizing, unnecessary testing, added costs, and even in extreme cases catastrophic failure in the field.  “Generator Jargon” will examine these crucial electrical characteristics and their effect on design, testing, and load considerations with topics including:

  • Pitch
  • Harmonics
  • Saturation
  • Reactance
  • Time Constants
  • Power Factor
  • Voltage Dip
  • Efficiency


"Properly Sizing Your Generator"

Understanding all mechanical and electrical considerations that factor into properly sizing a generator is key to ensure trouble-free and efficient generator operation.  Register for this webinar here to make sure your future power generation projects are properly planned.



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