Secretary of State for Wales, David TC Davies visits Nidec Drives
31 mai 2024

The Secretary of State for Wales and Conservative candidate for Monmouthshire, David TC Davies, and Craig Williams, Conservative candidate for Montgomeryshire, have today (30th May 2024) visited the Nidec Drives UK Manufacturing Site, based in Newtown, Powys, to discuss how the ‘Made in Wales’ strategy can be extended to highly sophisticated technology products, such as the
Control Techniques Variable Speed Drives produced in Wales, by Nidec Drives. 

Nidec Drives was founded in 1973 and has since grown to become the largest employer in Mid Wales. As a prominent Welsh business at the forefront of innovation, research and development, and
manufacturing; the business takes great pride in its contribution to the local and wider Welsh economy. 

David TC Davies and Craig Williams met with Anthony Pickering, President of Motion in Nidec, Miles Ackerman, President of Nidec Drives, and Martyn Cray, Vice President of Global Operations at Nidec Drives. 

David TC Davies and Craig Williams were shown around the manufacturing site where they got to see first-hand how drives are expertly built, and the extensive machinery and people that go into making products of such high technology. During their tour they cut the ribbon to officially unveil a brand-new conveyor system; this being the latest in a long string of investments that Nidec is making to manufacturing in Wales. 

Time was afforded to discussion on the opportunities and benefits of broadening the ‘Made in Wales’ campaign and how it would contribute to the Welsh economy. By promoting Welsh manufactured technology to other Welsh businesses, partnerships and relationships would be encouraged, home-grown industries strengthened, and economic growth stimulated within local communities.

The visit closed with an address to a section of the workforce where Anthony Pickering, President of Motion in Nidec, spoke of how championing Welsh manufactured products within Wales, can pave the way for an increasingly prosperous future for the Welsh nation, whilst also fostering and enhancing the national pride of the Welsh people.

Craig Williams voiced how Nidec Drives has been a major employer during its 50 years and he has been able to see first hand how the business has grown and offered stability and security for many people in Newtown and the surrounding areas: 

“Mid Wales can be incredibly proud to have companies such as Nidec Drives based here. They are a world leading firm, and a huge long-term employer locally. In Wales we already export the finest Welsh produce to the world, now it is time to also promote our world leading Welsh engineers. I can see a very bright future for one of Wales’ greatest exports in the future.”

David TC Davies spoke of his pride and recognition of the talent and prospects that are available in Wales, with Nidec Drives being a forerunner in innovation to a globally recognised standard. He agreed that broadening the ‘Made in Wales’ collaborative strategy would give the opportunity to Welsh businesses to thrive and progress, promoting economic growth and prospects for Wales. 

“I was delighted to visit Nidec Drives today. They are an absolutely outstanding company, exporting high quality technology across the world and providing high-quality jobs in Mid Wales.”

He also recognised that Nidec Drives operates an annual apprentice intake scheme, as he feels this is the way forward to grow the Welsh economy; by investing in our young people and developing our own local talent.

Miles Ackerman closed the visit by thanking the visitors for taking the time out of their busy election campaign schedule to visit Nidec Drives. He spoke of how the business remains firmly based in Newtown, Powys and that championing ‘Made in Wales’ for the industrial automation industry is something that Nidec Drives would very much welcome.

Nidec Drives is committed to continue to add value to Wales. By investing in the people of Wales and taking this opportunity to champion Welsh manufacturing within local markets to the government, Nidec Drives believes that further future prosperity for the Welsh people can be achieved.