Voltage Regulators

The Key to Genset Performance and Protection

Live Webinar: Voltage Regulators

APR 14, 2021  - APR 14, 2021

Live Webcast

Voltage Regulators: The Key to Genset Performance and Protection

10:00 AM ET


Voltage regulators are the heart of generator performance, reliability, and safety.  Understanding the function, optimal set points, and modes of Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs) and Digital Voltage Regulators (DVRs) is crucial in ensuring the proper operation of any genset as well as offering protection to overloading.

This webinar will provide an extensive overview on voltage regulator theory and operation, including:

  • Digital and Analog voltage regulators operation
  • Obtaining values for various setpoints within the regulator program
  • Regulator modes and their functions
  • Limiters and Protections operation and setpoints
  • Programmable logic functionality (brief intro)

Additionally, after the presentation we’ll provide a demonstration on regulator setup utilizing the information covered followed by a brief Q&A session.


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