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Kato Engineering’s 400Hz motor generator sets supply conditioned and converted generator power. With inputs of 50Hz or 60Hz, the power capacities begin at 25 kVA up to 400 kVA. With multiple sets, power capacities are limitless.

Our customers rely on the dependability, durability, quality and engineering ingenuity of our 400 Hz MG set design capabilities. Backed by over 85 years of experience, Kato MG sets were the first rotating product Kato Engineering manufactured back in 1926 and have evolved over the years to meet our customer’s special requirements and power demands in the aviation industry.

Customized design features include automatic and manual paralleling between multiple M-G sets, touch screen interface, Ethernet capability, remote monitoring, weatherproof housings and mobile trailers, rotor and stator monitoring, air filtering, EMI filter to FCC and MIL standards, space heaters, RTD temperature detectors, factory programmed PLC’s to name a few.

400 Hz MG set customers also include military (flight decks and global Air Force bases), as well as commercial applications (airports and aircraft manufacturing). Other applications include radar & special 400Hz testing.

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