Motor-Generator Set Advantages

Kato Engineeing motor-generator (MG) sets offer many advantages over solid-state systems:

Long life: 100,000 hours on the MG set before major overhauls. Components are standard and available. Many MG sets built by Kato have been running successfully for decades.

Low maintenance cost: The equipment can be maintained by electricians and/or mechanics; no specialist is required. Also, on horizontal, single-shaft MG sets, there is no coupling, gear nor belt to wear out. Exciters are brushless; there are no commutators or brushes to replace.

Low harmonic content on the input and output of the MG set from no load to full linear load.

Low impedance for harmonics.

High overload capability and a sustaining short circuit capability of 300% of nominal amps for 10 seconds.

1.0 power factor at the input without power factor correction.

Simple, rugged construction for tolerance to voltage sags, spikes and noise, as well as complete isolation input to output.

Gradual failure mechanisms (MG sets usually do not fail abruptly).

Tolerance to heat, dust moisture and other environmental conditions.

Built with the latest technology and backed by over 90 years of experience in building rotary MG sets

Solid state systems:

Have a life that would typically be shorter than the rotary MG set: The electronic components that are essential to the static converter become obsolete faster than those on a rotary MG set.

Will likely require an electrical expert for service: This expert will probably only be available from the manufacturer.

Have harmonics on the input and output: harmonic filters may have to be added on the input and output, and this is normally quite costly.

Are sensitive to voltage sags, spikes and noise and do not provide isolation input to output, which is obtained with an MG set.

Have electronic components that are sensitive to heat, dust and moisture.

Are not proven technology and are often supplied by relatively small companies with limited experience. 

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