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Leroy-Somer recounts an epitome of its century-strong adventure …
As a result of commitment and a strong drive over the years, Leroy-Somer embarked in producing alternators and electric motors and managed to acquire the position of a worldwide Industrial Power Manufacturer originating from the Charente region of France. Today, we are celebrating a blend of resourcefulness, talent, and ambition that crowns our hard-earned success.



1919-1958: Once upon a time, there was a visionary …
In 1919, Marcellin Leroy, a young artisan born in Northern France, settled in the Charente region. He anticipated the importance of a product with numerous applications, one that would revolutionize modern society: the electric motor. From the start, he envisioned an almost totally integrated process, which led him, for example, to create his own foundry as early as 1928.

In 1947, Moteurs Leroy started manufacturing alternators, then the famous N motor which anticipated the industrialization and mass production of a key component in the economy of great nations. With energy and an eye on profitability, Marcellin Leroy also introduced social care policies considered to be advanced at the time, and employees participated in company growth. 

Marcellin Leroy's bust
Bust of Marcellin Leroy in the courtyard of the Sillac factory in Angoulême.
Leroy-Somer headquarters in Angoulême
Leroy-Somer's historic headquarters in Angoulême. The building was erected by voluntary factory workers.

1958–1989: The changeover to the industrial era
When George Chavanes took control of the company in 1958, it had already grown to an appreciable size. His task: organize and streamline production to meet the challenges of the industrial era. Mass production became common, and production workshops were created for each product line. In less than 15 years, the large factories of Charente were built and the company became a European leader in its field.

1989–2017: The challenges of globalization
By the beginning of the 90’s, the pace of economic and financial globalization had accelerated. International competition increased. To reach the critical size necessary to make it possible to conquer new markets, new mergers were needed. In this context, American-based company Emerson became the sole shareholder of Leroy-Somer in 1990.

2017: On the way to the digital age
The stunning progress of information technology has led to major developments in the design of drive systems. They have become more efficient, self-contained, and smart. "Give intelligence to power" is the new goal that now guides the race to innovation.

2017-2019: A New Dominion and a Centenary 
In 2017, due to our know how, the renowned Japanese Electric Motors Manufacturer, Nidec for saw our potential and is presently our sole shareholder. Subsequently, in 2019, we were celebrating 100 years of remarkable performance and paying allegiance to our "crème de la crème" company.

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