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Airports are places of intense activity. The slightest equipment failure can mean delays for travellers. Having the right equipment with the right components is therefore essential to guarantee the overall reliability of the business. 

Nidec Leroy-Somer industrial alternators are recognized for their reliability and performance in all conditions of use, even the most demanding. We work with generator set manufacturers to provide you with the best of power in all circumstances.

A Nidec Leroy-Somer alternator always answer the call.

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  • 400 Hz Ground Power Units

    400Hz GPUOur 400 Hz alternators that have been optimized for integration in airports Ground Power Units. Sporting superior reliability and performance, Nidec Leroy-Somer 400 Hz alternators are the solution for powering grounded aircrafts. 

    400Hz GPU alternator
    Leroy-Somer is a pioneer in the production of alternators for 400 Hz Ground Power Units across the world. Our alternators provide the best reliability that every airport needs to supply energy to all aircrafts that land on its ground.
  • Back-up power
    Airport night

    An airport is a place where safety and continuous operation are paramount. The taxiways, control center that directs the movement of aircraft during take-off, landing or overflight, and the buildings that welcome passengers and the administrative services are all places that must never suffer any power outage.

    LSA range with title TAL range with title





    Leroy-Somer is the preferred alternator brand for major generator set packagers around the globe, and dozens of airport rely on our products to secure their power supply. Choosing Leroy-Somer equipped gensets means more reliable operation for the years to come.

  • Traction alternators
    Traction airplaneAircraft push-back, repositioning and maintenance towing, as well as the transportation of cargo carried by these aircraft, are activities that require high-capacity tractors. These ground support equipments must meet challenging requirements in terms of reliability, endurance and performance in order to accomplish these tough missions. 





    Leroy-Somer offers alternators that are perfectly suited for traction application, with good overload and speed variation capabilities and special cooling circuits to offer long-lasting power supply to aircraft tractors and pushback tugs.

  • Motor-Generator sets
    Airplane ground

    Motor-Generator sets are fixed, grid connected 400hz ground power conversion unit that can meet your power supply needs. Because they use an electric motor as prime mover, Motor-Generator sets are also highly reliable and require less maintenance.


    Motor-Generator Sets are a very valid solution to convert grid current to 400 Hz for use in  grounded airplanes, with more reliability than solid-state setups. Our products are the most suitable in terms of performance, reliability, and maintainability in order to satisfy aviation sector requirements.

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