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Power generation expertise and solutions for data centers

Protection and backup power solutions for the Data Industry

Data centers are places that require continuous power supply and refuse any form of interruption. It is therefore vital for data centers to be equipped with reliable machines that can guarantee power supply in the event of an outage.

As a leader in this industry, we have been able to meet the demanding requirements of data center applications and ensure a reliable power supply for our customers worldwide. We provide them with the best mission critical alternators on the market that can ensure continuous operation of data centers.

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Our alternators offer you the best protection and backup power solutions.

Nidec Leroy-Somer is the ideal partner with whom you can be sure that power quality and reliability will be the main features of your power installations.

  • Back-up Power

    Our generators for data centers are designed with low subtransient reactances. To ensure reliable performance, our stator coils are fully wrapped with mica insulation for increased resistance to voltage spikes caused by the non-linear loads found at data centers.

    LSA range with title

    Nidec Leroy-Somer design power generation systems that comply with all international standards (ISO, IEEE, MIL-STD, NEMA …) and meet/exceed industry standards for performance, reliability, maintainability and compactness. 

    Some of our references :
     China Amazon Data Center                          
    Amazon   China
     Microsoft Azure Cloud Data Center
    Microsoft  Singapore
     Hua Wei IDC project
    Hua Wei  China
     Changping Project
    China Mobile  China
     Ulsea Smart Valley
    Guangdong Gaverment  China
     Beijing Tenglong Data Center
    Alibaba  China
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