Power generation expertise and solutions for the Hydro Power Industry​

Power generation expertise and solutions for the Hydro Industry

Hydropower is playing an increasingly important role as a renewable energy source and its share of final energy production is growing steadily. Much expectation is pinned on this industry to meet energy needs, meaning that the machines used in hydropower plants need to be of unquestionable performance and reliability.

Nidec Leroy-Somer is the right solution

With more than 50 years experience in the market, Leroy-Somer knows how to meet all the demands of the Hydropower industry in terms of reliability, performance and installation cost.

More than 450 projects completed over the last 20 years

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  • Industry capabilities ​

    Hydroplant for verticalsAs a historic and recognized player in the field of hydroelectric power generation, Leroy-Somer manufactures alternators offering high quality and highly reliable power solutions. Our alternators can be coupled to all types of turbines, with particular attention to critical speed problems.

    Hydropower generator

    The right choice for all your hydro projects

    • Our products can be coupled to all turbine types : Pelton turbines, Francis turbines, Kaplan turbines and others
    • Overhung runner assembly on extended shaft end, with turbine load withstanding.
    • Rigid mechanical assembly coupled to dynamical balancing grade G1 (ISO 1940-1), aiming at low vibration levels in all operating conditions.
    • Compact design aiming at reducing foundation costs.
  • Product Range Overview

    Leroy-Somer alternators are the best products for the hydropower industry, offering incomparable results in terms of performance and speed.

    Certif iconPower icon


    0.1 - 20 MW

    400 - 15,000 V

    Rotation speed 

    250 - 1500 rpm / 50 Hz
    300 - 1800 rpm / 60 Hz

     Vertical or Horizontal
    IC01 - IC21 - IC31 - IC81W (IEC 60034-6)
     Insulation class
    H (medium & high voltage)
    Temperature rise class
    F or B

    Self-excited - Brushless rotating excitation

     Analog or digital Leroy-Somer AVR

  • Configuration and implementation

    Hydro expertThroughout the project life, including design and manufacturing phases, Leroy-Somer teams will help you meet technical and environmental specifications ensuring the perfect configuration and implementation.

    Our experts guarantee you successful commissioning of your hydraulic installations and provide you with support until the launch of your projects.

    Our customers in the hydropower industry trust us for our expertise and excellence in providing appropriate solutions to their hydropower issues.

    Fredet-Berges Hydro plant is one of our countless references that show how we meet customer requirements in the hydropower industry.

    Fredet berges capture
    Download the flyer about FRÉDET-BERGÈS PLANT

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