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Solutions for cell towers power systems

Telecommunications is a network of cellular towers linked together to provide communication and connectivity in both urban and rural areas.

For these towers to operate continuously, they must be connected to a reliable power supply. Generators with the most reliable alternators serve as prime or backup power to keep everyone connected and safe everywhere.

Nidec Leroy-Somer is the best alternator manufacturer for these applications, your generator sets equipped with our alternators will face any situation and achieve the best reliability results.


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    Cell tower

    Cell towers around the globe are expected to sustain the cellular network in all conditions. This expectation can turn into a real challenge in remote locations or in areas of the world where grid reliability is questionable.

    As a result, most BTS (Base Transceiver Stations) are equipped with generator sets, whose role is to provide emergency backup or to act as a prime power source.

    In this context, genset optimization, including the efficiency and reliability of the alternator, is a key route to significant money savings.


    TAL range with title


    Our solution: reliable, efficient alternators

    Engineered with top-quality materials and carefully assembled at our production sites, our alternators are designed to provide long-lasting power with top performances in critical areas

    • Low reactance, meaning high ability to cope with load distortion
    • High efficiency and output for a reduced footprint and lower fuel consumption
    • High startup capability to lower interruption times

    Leroy-Somer has a proven track record of providing alternators that withstand the test of time and environmental constraints.


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