400 Hz Ground Power Units

400 Hz alternators for aviation ground power units generator sets

400Hz alternator Leroy-Somer provides a complete range of 400 Hz alternators that have been optimized for integration in airports Ground Power Units. Sporting superior reliability and performance, Leroy-Somer 400 Hz alternators are the solution for powering grounded aircrafts.

Leroy-Somer produces 400 Hz alternators for reliable ground support power needs. These alternators are brushless, self-excited generators (Shunt excitation) that have high levels of performance. They meet most international standards, including IEC 34.1 and UTE (NFC 15-111, 105, 110…).

We can provide customization for special application machines upon direct request to suit your Ground Power needs for aircrafts. You can also contact us for Converter sets 50/400 Hz and double alternators 400 Hz + 28V DC with market-leading efficiency. Our 400 Hz range is specifically designed to supply electrical power to both military or civil aircraft and sustain outdoor weather conditions.

Electrical Features

  • Voltages: 200V star / 115V delta, adjustable to ± 5 %
  • Power factor between 0.8 and 1
  • Transient voltage dip 10 % for 50 % load variation
  • Harmonic rate < 2 %
  • Recovery time 200 ms


  • Voltage accuracy ± 1 % on balance linear load
  • Under speed protection
  • Integrated radio interference suppressor

Mechanical features

  • Two-bearing machine IM1001 (B34)
  • Steel frame and cast-iron end shields
  • Cylindrical and standardized shaft end
  • Sealed-for-life bearings
  • IP 21 Protection, self-ventilated alternator

Operating conditions

  • Ambient temperature between - 20°C and + 50°C.

Alternator 400Hz GPU on runway

  • Options

    Insulation & Protections
    Our GPU alternators have an available IP 23 option which enables them to stand against most adverse airfield conditions.

    Radio Interference Suppression
    A Radio Interference suppressor for military applications: GAMEG13 level or MIL standard is also available.

  • D550 regulator

    Our latest D550 Digital AVR is compatible with all our 400 Hz alternators.
    It is equipped with several advanced protections and integrates a visual interface (EasyReg Advanced Software), that enables users to read configuration values and parameters.

    The D550 has also been optimized for grid parallel operations and complies with the latest grid code regulations.

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