Hydro Power Alternators

Alternators for hydro turbines up to 20 MW

LSA 58 generator for hydro turbineOver 5GW installed capacity worldwide
Generators up to 20MW
50 years of experience
Over 750 projects completed worldwide over the last 20 years

Leroy-Somer alternators can be customized to various requirements and adapted to most types of turbines (Francis, Pelton, Kaplan, etc …).
  • Power 0.3 to 25 MW
  • Voltage 400 up to 15,000 V
  • Rotation speed 300 to 1500 rpm / 50Hz - 360 to 1800 rpm / 60Hz
  • Mountings Vertical or horizontal
  • Cooling IC01, IC21, IC31, IC81W (IEC 60034-6)
  • Insulation class H (medium and high voltage included)
  • Temperature rise class F or B
  • Excitation Self-excited - Brushless rotating excitation
  • Regulation Analog or digital Leroy-Somer AVR
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