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Repair, overhaul & maintenance of Marine generator sets alternators

Commercial marine service for generator sets alternators repair & maintenance, by Nidec Leroy-Somer


Call on the real experts!

As an alternator builder, we are best placed to understand and care for your marine alternators. Our teams work in ports around the world for repairs, diagnostics or maintenance and remanufacturing.

Our qualified staff are used to the most delicate interventions, and we easily coordinate with other teams for your complete satisfaction.

The result for you: optimized performance, downtime reduced to a minimum, and the assurance of having your alternators under control!

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Marine Alternator

Wide expertise, deep knowledge

Our service for commercial marine include:

Rotor & stator rewinding
On-site cleaning & steaming
Total replacement
Excitation system upgrade
GenOSys installation
Partial discharge measurement
Local or remote monitoring

Commmissioning & de-commissioning
Vibration analysis
Bearings replacement
Factory testing
Vacuum Pressure Impregnation
AVR, exciter or diode bridge replacement

For complex situations and installations, our technicians have direct access to some of the best experts in the industry at Nidec Leroy-Somer. They can provide invaluable insight on the machine designs or provide help by benchmarking similar cases. When in comes to analysis, we do have one of the largest knowledge base on alternator troubleshooting, combining human experience and huge data sets.

Marine Alternator

Know your alternators

Did you know? The majority of failures occurring on a ship alternators are due to a lack of maintenance, and most often on the bearing part.

If necessary, we can also provide training for your own staff to optimize the daily maintenance of your alternators. Our trainers have years of field experience and know the situations encountered on board ships, and the problems to anticipate and detect.

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About us

Nidec Leroy-Somer is a global leader for marine alternators. Our products equip hundreds of vessels worldwide, and all key OEM and engine manufacturers trust us for their power generation equipments. Learn more

Marine Alternator


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