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Direct access to key alternator information from any device

Your new gateway to alternator service


Get direct access to key alternator information from any device.

Scan the QR code on our new nameplate
Scan the QR code on our new nameplate or go to and enter your Nidec Leroy-Somer alternator serial number to get instant access to factory data and documentation: electrical figures, manuals, certificates and more. is a mobile optimized website that we built to provide instant help to anyone facing a Leroy-Somer alternator. There is no app to download, and it will load quickly on almost all smartphones, even in poor connection conditions.

The website provides the following services:

  • Access key alternator data.
  • Download useful documents: manuals, catalogues, certificates
  • Get direct access to our Service team

Combating counterfeit products is also a useful way to check your product data if you suspect that you are facing a counterfeit product. Input the serial number on the site and verify that the data on the nameplate match those we have recorded at the factory. If discrepancies appear, immediately contact for further investigation.

Upcoming features
  • Optimize your maintenance schedule
  • Access test reports and restore AVR factory settings
  • Extend your warranty


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