Bearings spare parts

All bearing types available from Leroy-Somer industrial alternators

Bearings spare parts for industrial alternators

Order bearings for your alternators directly from the original alternator manufacturer to ensure as-new quality of spare part. For critical applications, we recommend that all users keep a set of DE and NDE bearings to avoid activity interruption in case of issue.

As alternator manufacturer, we keep track of all spare parts needed for Leroy-Somer industrial generators, and we can provide all bearing parts types: ball bearings, sleeve bearings, lubrication systems, sensors etc… We also provide complete bearing installation kits.

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Our list of available bearings includes:

  • EFNLK 14-140 bearing
  • EFNLQ 14-140 bearing
  • EFNLK 18-180 bearing
  • EFNLQ 18-180 bearing
  • EFNLK 22-225 bearing
  • EFNLQ 22-225 bearing
  • RLT 130 OU 002 bearing
  • RLT 140 RO 012 bearing
  • RLT 160 OU 027 bearing
  • RLT 140 OU 031 bearing
  • ... and many more!

We provide Drive End (DE) and Non-Drive End (NDE) bearings for LSA 62, LSA 60, LSA 58, LSA 58, LSA 56, LSA 54, LSA 53, LSA 52 and LSA 51 alternators amongst others.

Why order bearings from Leroy-Somer?

Bearing failures can lead to extensive damage to the whole equipment which is why specific types of bearings have been selected and tested by Leroy-Somer to ensure the highest possible lifetime for the industrial alternator.
Bearings with exactly the same reference or part number may be found at third parties, and notably online. However, even with the highest quality and from renown brands, they may ultimately have differences in design, tolerances, centricity or material.
Selecting the wrong bearing will likely lead to a different behaviour in operation and in early failure.

Do not leave the continued operation of your generator set to chance!

Care for your bearings

International studies report that more than 80% of the anti-friction bearing installed worldwide for any duty are prematurely damaged because of bad lubrication. To preserve your machine, we recommend to closely follow the recommendations contained in our manuals. Bearings must be lubricated regularly with the same type of grease as used in the factory.
In doubt, please ask us.


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