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The mining industry is known for its harsh elements that put all aspects of your equipment to the test. You can trust Nidec mining motors to pass that test with flying colors, providing you with premier motors and drive systems that power your products reliably. Nidec enjoys a reputation for being the most comprehensive manufacturer of electric motors in the world. Our expertise extends back over a century, and one of our trusted brands pioneered the mining industry’s first vertical hollow shaft motor.


Our CONTROL TECHNIQUES™ brand products are constructed to be tough – just the way mining motors and drives must be to stand up to the demanding applications of this industry. This brand provides cutting-edge digital technology that provide you both easy setup and reliability. The CONTROL TECHNIQUES brand will give you the power and dependability you need to obtain and transport your raw materials, from A(nthracite) to Z(inc).


Our HURST® brand kicked off in 1950 in Indiana at the opening of a family-owned tool shop. Decades of experience in crafting electric motors – through three generations of the Hurst family – have resulted in a brand reputed for its high-quality and dependable products. You can trust HURST brand mining motors to keep your critical processes running on schedule and with very few maintenance shutdowns.


Our LEROY-SOMER™ brand is known the world over for providing top-notch electric motors and drive solutions. This brand is especially in demand in the quarry industry, where it excels at providing motors capable of powering heavy loads at precise speeds in a demanding field. LEROY-SOMER brand products supply these benefits without compromising on safety standards. You can depend us to deliver high performance levels and long-lasting durability in our mining motors.


Our SR DRIVES® brand utilizes cutting-edge switched reluctance technology, delivering premium SR drives that pair well with mining motors. These products withstand the harsh conditions that come with the coal and mining industry. The SR DRIVES brand DIAMOND® drives can be found on armored face conveyors, belt conveyors, traction systems and pumps in the mining industry – just to name a few applications. Our DIAMOND drives provide multiple speed options, torque limit control and reliability. You can depend on the SR DRIVES brand to deliver a dependable range of industrial controllers and motors.


The U.S. MOTORS® brand has been revolutionizing the mining industry since 1922, when it created the first vertical hollow shaft motor. In addition to our durable HOLLOSHAFT® high thrust vertical motor, we offer vertical normal thrust TEFC motors, vertical solid shaft high thrust motors and other high-quality mining motors that provide longevity and ease of use. They are highly configurable and built to withstand the harshest of conditions.