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You’ve come to the right place to learn more about careers with companies of Nidec Corporation's Appliance, Commercial and Industrial Motors division. At Nidec, our employees are on the forefront of developing new motor and control technologies. Aspiring to achieve still higher growth and greater market share, we are constantly enhancing our technical capabilities, competitive edge and the careers of our talented employee teams.

As we move deeper into the age of robotics, the impact of motors will only increase. From keeping us comfortable in our homes to pumping clean water to making our cars safer, electric motors are an indispensable part of our daily lives. Our product lines feature control solutions and high-efficiency motors for industrial applications in water treatment, oil and gas, mining and power generation; and for commercial applications such as pool and spa, condensers, cooling towers and large refrigeration units.

With over 140,000 employees stationed worldwide, Nidec is the world's No.1 comprehensive motor manufacturer. Our employees have a passion for handling “everything that spins and moves,” from the miniature to the gigantic. But what makes Nidec especially unique is that each location maintains its own individual personality.

No matter where they’re located, our employees share an unmatched enthusiasm for creating motor solutions that drive innovation forward and improve lives. They also have the tenacity to keep striving for improvement – both on a company and personal level. Nidec takes pride in fostering that improvement by providing multiple opportunities for internal career advancement.

If these qualities are equally vital to you, we’d love to see if we might be a great mutual fit. Check out our current job listings to learn more about career opportunities with Nidec.

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