In the News

In the News

Energy Efficiency and Big Data Are Hot Topics at AHR 2015
FEB 10, 2015 | Empowering Pumps

Presentation: Navigating D.O.E. Motor Regulations. Neb. Water Industries Convention
FEB 09, 2015 | Nidec Motor Corporation

Nidec Showcases EC Motor Technology at AHR 2015
JAN 20, 2015 | Nidec Motor Corporation

New Brochure Explains Switched Reluctance (SR) Motors
JAN 06, 2015 | Nidec Motor Corporation

Fifth Motor Summit Convenes
DEC 01, 2014 | NEMA electroindustry

IHP Motor Rule 2014 Brief
JUL 28, 2014 | Nidec Motor Corporation

DOE Revises Energy Conservation Standards for Electric Motors
JUL 01, 2014 | NEMA electroindustry

BPM Demystified
JUN 02, 2014 | Appliance Design Magazine

Integral Horsepower Rule: Win-Win for DOE and NEMA Motor Standards
APR 01, 2014 | NEMA electroindustry

MIT Study Creates Electroindustry-based Method for Mapping Products to Energy Use and GHG Emission
JAN 01, 2013 | NEMA electroindustry

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