Gear Motors

DC gear motors that crank out high levels of torque at low speeds

Gear motors are somewhat self-explanatory, featuring a gear and motor combined into a single unit. Gearmotors provide several advantages such as cost-effectiveness, design simplification, product integration, high torque at low speed and long life. Nidec Motor Corporation manufactures first-class DC gear motors under several reputable brands. Our engineering teams excel at creating custom-made DC gearmotors that match specific customer specifications and provide superior quality.

 gear motor

HURST brand

Our HURST® brand started crafting durable precision motors over 65 years ago, when a family-owned tool shop first opened for business in Princeton, Indiana. Over the past decades, it has further cemented its reputation for innovating rapid solutions across a variety of industries and applications. Now part of the global Nidec Motor Corporation, HURST brand DC gear motors continue the tradition of providing both cost-effectiveness and reliability.



You can depend on our LEROY-SOMER™ brand to deliver excellence and innovation in its DC gearmotors. Originating in 1919 in France, this brand is renowned for creating gearmotors that meet industrial demands for both normal and special environments. Our gearmotors are high-performing, able to reduce speed while cranking out a high output torque. You can trust LEROY-SOMER products to be both energy-efficient and long-lasting.



Our MERKLE-KORFF™ brand pioneered the field of gear motors, creating the world’s first small gearmotor in the 1920s. Decades later, it also revolutionized the soft drink industry by creating the simple cup-drop motor for soft drink machines. MERKLE-KORFF continues to innovate the gear motor industry. Its products are known for featuring compact and low-weight designs that nonetheless pack a punch of high torque when needed. You can trust our DC gear motors to provide you cost-effectiveness, energy-efficiency and long-lasting reliability.



The Nidec Motion Control Group can help large volume customers engineer unique gearmotor and gearing solutions utilizing expertise from across the Nidec platform.

Gearing and Gearboxes -- with our inline planetary portfolio, you have access to a wide variety of frame sizes, ratios and configurations that are unmatched in the industry.


Right Angle Series Gearboxes

Motion Control right angle gearing

  • <1 arc-min to <7 arc-min
  • Ratios from 3:1 to 100:1
  • Max Torque to 2960 Nm


Inline Series Gearboxes

Nidec Motion inline gearing

  • 40 Sizes 
  • <3 arc-min to <14 arc-min
  • Ratios from 3:1 to 100:1
  • Max Torque to 5300 Nm


Strain Wave Harmonic Gear Units -

Nidec FLEXWAVE - very compact harmonic gear reduction mechanism that achieves zero backlash, as well as exceptional accuracy and repeatability.

  • 5 Sizes -- 35mm to 80mm
  • Ratios from 50:1 to 120:1
  • Max Torque to 346 Nm

    Nidec Motion Control also supplies right angle worm, rotary and indexing gearheads, traction drives and custom solutions.