Exercise Equipment

Our exercise equipment motors and drives will keep you running

What helps keep you running in the cardio exercise equipment industry? If you manufacture exercise machines that require treadmill motors or exercise motor drives, then a U.S. MOTORS® brand product from Nidec Motor Corporation may be just what you need. Our fractional HP motors will keep your cardio machines – and your customers – running efficiently.

Whether you’re designing exercise equipment for the fitness club or residential markets, Nidec has a solution that will fit your needs. Nidec exercise equipment motors are ideal for varying speeds, resistances or elevations. Our team of experts can help create the perfect cardio machine motor by fine-tuning it to your application to reduce excess noise and vibration. This helps create the perfect workout experience for the user. We also provide a complete BLDC offering if your application should require it.

Cardio machine products we offer:

Cardio machine motors from Nidec show the strength and endurance to keep you and your fitness equipment going the distance. When you pair one of our treadmill motors with other Nidec products like exercise motor drives, displays or other custom solutions, you’ll understand why Nidec is at the heart of cardio equipment.

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