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Electric motors for machines

 ALLGUARD   Motor quality system for electric motors consisting of pulse endurance wire, wire coating and bearing lubrication
 SLICKER (The)    Electric motors for machines
 HURST and design    Electric motors for machines
 US MOTORS and design    Electric motors
 RESCUE SELECT PRO    Electrically controlled electric motors for machines, namely, HVAC machines in the nature of furnaces, air handlers, air conditioners, and cooling towers
 US MOTORS and design (black & white)   Temperature and moisture condition monitors for machines and machine controls, namely, electric reversers, speed controllers, adjustable speed drivers, dynamoelectric controls, stators and starting controls for integral horsepower electric motors; analytical instrumentation for process monitoring and water treatment control, namely, temperature monitors, electrical apparatus for use in operating machines, engines and motors by control current, electric motor controls and electric power units
 US MOTORS and design (black & white)    Agricultural irrigation units and replacement parts thereof
 US MOTORS and design (black & white)   Machine parts, namely, electric motors, electric generators, electrically adjustable speed drives for electric machine motors, alternators, bearing units and parts thereof, couplings for connecting input to output shafts to transmit power there between, submersible pump motors, vertical pumps, gear boxes, gear reducers, gear transmission pump drives, worm gears, keys for shafts, reducing gears, shaft bearings, shaft couplings, gears, integral horsepower electric motors, gear drives, adjustable speed drives for agricultural, energy and general industrial markets, and electric generators
 PEP   Electric motors for machines
 SelecTech   Electric motors for machines
 HOSTILE DUTY and Design (Dragon) (Color)    Electric motors for machines
 FREEDOM    Consulting services in the field of installation, maintenance and repair of elevator control systems and component parts; consulting services in the field of elevator construction, installation, maintenance and repair
 UltraCheck-EZ    Electrical apparatus for testing the state of operability of electric motors for machines and electronic controls for machines
 EC and design    Electric motors for machines; and in general machines and machine tools; motors (except motors for terrestrial vehicles); connections and parts of transmission (except those for terrestrial vehicles); agricultural instruments that are not manual; incubators of eggs.
 EXTREME-E and design    Electric motors, namely, motors on pumps used in pools, hot tubs, jetted tubs, and hydrotherapy applications.
 Blade Runner and design    Electric motors and controls namely used on fans
 LIBERTY    Electric motors for machines
 THERE ARE MANY IMITATIONS BUT ONLY ONE RESCUE    Electric motors for machines
 GREENDRIVE    Electronic controls for motors

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