Machinery & Packaging

Machinery and packaging motors that suit your requirements and save you headaches

It's a 24/7 world in manufacturing. Motor failure and the resulting downtime is an unthinkable interruption to your production schedule. Time is money...and you can't afford to waste it. Nidec’s commercial, machinery and packaging motors ensure exceptional reliability and efficiency, improving your operation by:

  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Increasing equipment uptime
  • Eliminating wasteful maintenance
  • Reducing on-site inventory

We understand your business and know having the right replacement motor available when you need it is critical to your operation. We offer an extensive line of replacement motors for every application in your plant…from building systems to processing equipment to conveyor systems. And, we have the online tools to help you find the correct replacement motor quickly. Our OEM customers count on us to understand their unique applications and engineer the perfect solution for their motor needs.


Hurst Brand

Our HURST® brand began as part of a family-owned tool shop in Princeton, Indiana. In the decades since, three generations have been providing exceptional quality and customer satisfaction with its innovative electric motors. The HURST brand supplies first-class machinery and packaging motors to suit your requirements. Our motors will keep your processes running smoothly, minimizing the maintenance downtime and headaches you experience.


The Nidec Motion Control group consists of top-notch engineers who are experienced in customizing solutions for a variety of industry applications. This group excels at customizing machinery and packaging motors – along with fully integrated solutions – to meet your exacting specifications. You can trust our Motion Control group and the Nidec name to provide the reliability and cost-effectiveness you require.