Traction Motors and Vehicle Electrification

Traction motors and electrification solutions for diesel-electric hybrid vehicles

Optimize your electric vehicles’ performance, durability and cost by partnering with Nidec on your electric vehicle motors, traction motors and generators. Whether your EVs support mining, construction, agriculture or passenger cars, you can trust Nidec – which has supported vehicle electrification for more than 30 years. Both our Motion Control Group and SR Drives® brand offer EV products that provide quality and reliability.

You can choose from one of Nidec’s many existing designs for traction motors and/or generators or work with us to create an end-to-end vehicle electrification system tailored to your unique requirements. Trust Nidec for your best EV system solution as we offer all relevant motor technologies be it permanent magnet, switched reluctance or induction. Since we offer all relevant topologies, our solutions have no technical bias. Because of our broad technology offering, you can also look to Nidec to support your plug-and-play platforms for accessories or auxiliaries that you can apply in your products globally.

From prototypes to high-volume supply, you can tap into Nidec’s global manufacturing capabilities to get the vehicle electrification solutions you want, wherever you need them around the world. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that your solution will be designed by engineers who understand your equipment and know what it takes to produce a best-cost EV solution. On-road and off.

We provide all relevant vehicle electrification machine technologies:

  • Interior permanent magnet
  • Surface mount permanent magnets
  • Switched reluctance
  • Controlled speed induction
  • Distributed wound
  • Concentrated wound
  • Edge wound
  • Traction motors 
  • Generators
  • Auxiliary and accessory motors
  • Air cooled machines
  • Liquid cooled machines
  • Oil cooled machines
  • Liquid cooled Inverters
  • Air cooled inverters
  • Brake choppers
  • DC-DC converters
  • ePTO’s