AC Motors

AC Motors that power products in all aspects of life

As the world’s largest comprehensive electric motor manufacturer, Nidec supplies AC motors for many of the most demanding industry applications across the globe. Nidecs’ Appliance, Commercial and Industrial motors are trusted as cost-effective, energy-efficient and reliable products that help companies propel their processes forward. We power products that are indispensable in everyday life – from IT communications to residential equipment and industrial equipment used in applications such as:

Nidec takes pride in having some of the most innovative and talented engineering teams in the motor industry. Our engineers excel at creating custom-designed solutions for a variety of motor and drive requirements. If you require an AC motor customized to your unique specifications, you need look no further. We’re excited to fulfill your motor needs, whether that’s through a custom-designed product or an existing product created by one of our trusted brands.


HURST brand

Our dynamic HURST® brand has been producing quality precision motors that rate highly with customers for over 65 years. The HURST brand develops AC motors and other products that provide innovative, rapid solutions for a variety of industry applications. Although its roots can be traced back to a small, family-owned tool shop that first opened its doors in 1950, this brand is now a vital component of the world’s number one comprehensive motor manufacturer, Nidec. Some of the AC motors manufactured under our Hurst brand include permanent magnet synchronous motors, AC induction motors and fixed speed linear actuator motors.



The LEROY-SOMER™ brand is a world-leading specialist in industrial alternators, as well as electromechanical and electronic drive systems. With a strong worldwide presence, our LEROY-SOMER brand offers motors, geared motors and variable speed drives using innovative technology, complete automotive solutions and customized services that both improve machine productivity and save energy. Under this brand, we produce AC induction motors that run the range from single-phase motors to three-phase motors and variable speed three-phase motors.



Our MERKLE-KORFF™ brand started as a pioneer in the development of small motors and gear motors during its initial founding in 1911. In fact, the MERKLE-KORFF brand created the first original small gearmotor in the 1920s and pioneered the simple cup-drop motor in soft drink machines three decades later. This brand’s innovative technology continues to drive a multitude of products under the Nidec Motor Corporation umbrella. Some of the AC motors manufactured as a part of this brand include AC parallel shaft gearmotors and custom solutions.


U.S. MOTORS brand

We’ve been manufacturing top-notch AC motors under our U.S. MOTORS® brand for over a century. The innovative U.S. MOTORS brand produces reliable and cost-effective motors that include definite purpose, fractional HP, hazardous location, NEMA motors, single phase, variable speed and large AC motors, just to name a few. Our AC motors stand tough when you need them most, thriving in a variety of demanding applications such as those seen in the commercial, industrial, oil and gas, mining and water treatment industries.