Variable Speed Motors

Variable speed motors that provide both high power and cost-effectiveness

Variable speed motors offer several strong benefits for a variety of applications. The ability to adjust speed is particularly useful when precise motor control is required, allowing for a product’s speed to be increased and decreased as required. Another big benefit is the energy efficiency that comes from only using the amount of energy required rather than having a motor constantly running at a higher rate of speed. Nidec is a trusted name in the manufacture of superior variable speed motors. Our experienced engineers can also customize solutions to your exact specifications.



Under our LEROY-SOMER™ brand, Nidec produces variable speed motors recognized across the globe as providing energy-efficiency and reliability. These variable speed motors offer several powerful advantages – including compact dimensions that still provide excellent power output, cost-effectiveness, reduced maintenance needs and a wide speed range. You can depend on the LEROY-SOMER brand name to deliver the power you need to get the job done – and done right.



Our U.S. MOTORS® brand of variable speed motors is headlined by the dynamic and dependable ACCU-Series™ line. This product line offers the ability to match a U.S. MOTORS brand inverter duty motor with a drive or panel also produced by Nidec Motor Corporation. You can alternatively purchase motors and controls that are fully integrated into one seamless package. Our variable speed motors provide ultimate energy efficiency and reliability, whether you choose an off-the-shelf motor or opt for a fully customized product.