Nidec motor drives – standalone drives or fully integrated drive systems that provide strong power and reliability

Nidec has been engineering electric motors for decades, and several of our brands have been innovating products for over a century. Motor drives crafted under the Nidec name provide cost-effective and dependable methods for controlling the electrical energy and torque sent to your motors, whatever brand they may be. We also provide entire drive systems for those who prefer to pair our drives with Nidec motors – offering the most efficient and reliable of integrated drive solutions. Our engineering teams are well-versed in customizing solutions for precise specifications, providing both quality and efficiency that last.

 Control Techniques Unidrive


Our CONTROL TECHNIQUES® brand is regarded as a leader in manufacturing drives, motors and automation solutions. Crafting innovative products for commercial and industrial applications, this brand supplies excellent AC, DC and servo drives. You can depend on CONTROL TECHNIQUES for world-class drives that reduce energy consumption and keep your equipment running as long and reliably as possible.



Our KB Electronics brand manufactures and inventories more than 200 different models of off-the-shelf variable frequency digital and hybrid AC drives, variable speed DC motor controllers, brushless DC drives, battery DC to DC controls and Triac fan controls.



If you’re in the market for powerful motor drives that meet energy efficiency requirements and provide long-lasting reliability, you can trust our LEROY-SOMER® brand to fulfill your requirements. This innovative brand has been pioneering motors and drives for decades. Known across the globe as a powerhouse in the industry, LEROY-SOMER can supply either separate drives and motors or fully-integrated drives systems. Whichever you require, you can trust this brand to keep you running.



Nidec SR Drives Ltd (NSRDL) is a leading engineering and technology provider in the field of advanced electrical machines and drive systems, with a focus on switched reluctance motor drive technology. The company pioneered the development, application and commercialization of switched reluctance technology under its SR Drive® trademark and is now the world leader in this domain.



Our U.S. MOTORS® brand has been pioneering electric motors since its inception in 1908. Under this brand, Nidec manufactures easily configurable drives that are available as completely digital or hybrid versions. These motor drives are cost-effective, long-lasting and energy efficient. They’ll save you money in labor and maintenance from reducing the downtime that you can ill afford.


Nidec Motion Control

Nidec Motion Control brushless DC drives are engineered with advanced electronics to provide an integrated variable speed brushless DC motor control package. Our integrated drive solution provides closed loop or open loop speed control along with torque control and various network communication interfaces. Drive can be mounted on rear of motor, terminal box or chassis mount. Any of these drives can be integrated to a motor.

Osprey 40

Osprey drive 
  • Input Voltage: 10-60V
  • Input Current: 20A
  • Peak Current: 40A


Eagle 50 -- Dual Motor Drive

Nidec Motion Eagle Drive

  • Input Voltage: 35-60V
  • Input Current: 40A (each motor)
  • Peak Current: 50A (each motor)


Nidec Motion Hawk Drive

Hawk 100

  • Input Voltage: 10-60V
  • Input Current: 60A
  • Peak Current: 100A


Nidec Motion Falcon Drive

Falcon 150

  • Input Voltage: 20-90V
  • Input Current: 100A
  • Peak Current: 150A