Grinding and Polishing Case Study

Grinding and Polishing


Knife makers shape pieces of steel into blades as part of the knife making process. They use a belt sander or grinder to remove the excess metal from the blade and hone it into the shape they need. The sander need to be able to run quickly when the knife maker is first starting on the blade, so they can remove the maximum amount of material, then to run slower when putting on a fine finish. In addition to variable speed, they need to be able to provide controlled starting and fast stopping of the grinder wheels.


The KBAC Series of Variable Frequency Drives offers variable speed control of 2 HP or 3 HP motors commonly used on knife grinders. The drive also offers controlled acceleration and fast deceleration of the high inertia load, along with smooth slow speed operation for reliable finishing of high quality knives. The drive has the ability to operate a 230 VAC motor from either 115 or 230 VAC single phase supplies, and can also be ordered to operate on GFCI circuits. The NEMA 4X dust tight enclosure keeps out the metal dust and shavings created during the knife grinding operations. The KBAC Series of VFD controls has become the industry standard for knife grinders everywhere. 

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