Port and Freight Terminal Machinery

Productivity, efficiency and reliability

Port and Freight Terminal Machinery

Drives and control systems from Control Techniques are installed in port applications around the world. Our compact and flexible solutions provide the power and control to move materials efficiently and safely, our experience and expertise allows us to maximise the efficiency, speed and reliability of your cranes.

Key benefits
  • Fast turn-around of freight through optimisation of loading/unloading and storage cycles
  • Maximise uptime of port equipment through use of reliable, modular drive systems
  • Assist crane drivers with intelligent, safe automation solutions
  • Help engineering staff resolve faults with customised crane management system software
Typical applications include 
  • Container cranes
  • Ship-to-shore (STS)
  • Mobile harbour cranes (MHC)
  • Rubber tyre gantry (RTG)
  • Rail mounted gantry (RMG)
  • Straddle carriers (SC)
  • Bulk handling
  • Ship unloaders
  • Grab unloaders
  • Slewing grab
  • Floating crane
  • Shipyard
  • Single boom
  • Double boom
  • Goliath overhead

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Unidrive – The ultimate universal high performance and modular AC/servo drive 
0.75 kW - 2.8 MW Heavy Duty (1.0 hp - 4,200 hp)

Commander C general purpose ac variable speed drives from Control Techniques

Commander C – General Purpose drives - Flexibility for countless applications
0.25 - 132 kW (0.33 - 200 HP)

mentor mp high performance dc drive

Mentor MP – High performance DC drive solution platform 
25 – 7,400 A (5 – 6,080 HP) Two or four quadrant operation (regenerative)

  Control Techniques DFS High Power Freestanding Drives
DFS Series - High Power Freestanding Drives – Ready to use, fast turnaround
55 – 540 kW (100 - 1,250 HP)
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