SM EZmotion

SM EZmotion

The SM-EZ Motion module and Power Tools Pro software provide a user friendly environment for motion programming. The EZ-Motion approach is ideal for applications that are low volume and low engineering time.

Features include:

  • Simple drag and drop programming allows the user to create programs “out of the box” without having to write any code
  • Programming can be completed in 5 steps, with the software guiding the user through drive configuration, I/O configurations and programming steps
  • Familiar Windows™ based environment with simple data entry
    • Fill-in-the-blank” values
    • Point and click” radio buttons
    • Scrolling” menu selections
    • Drag and drop” parameters
  • The module has four digital inputs and two digital outputs for high-speed I/O operations

Drive Compatibility

The compatibility table below highlights which Control Techniques drives support this option module.

Affinity Digitax
X *
* Features provided by this option are integrated within the product range

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