Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic pumps driven by low voltage DC motors power hundreds of mobile commercial and industrial applications. From truck liftgates to all-electric earth-moving equipment, battery-driven hydraulic systems are relied upon in construction, delivery, landscaping and many other industries.

Nidec Drives Systems brings our extensive DC motor experience to the hydraulic pump market, providing robust, cost-effective motor solutions for a wide range of mobile hydraulic applications. Whether high-performance electro-hydraulic pumps (EHPs) or compact DC power pack systems, Nidec can offer a reliable motor solution.

Electro-Hydraulic Pump Systems

EHP systems feature a motor and pump assembly, while the valve body and reservoir are separate components. Hydraulic pumps are mounted, complete motor assemblies with a compatible pump mounting flange. They’re most often used in applications with a wider range of functionality and complexity, ranging from aerial lifts and fork trucks to electric PTO systems. Common motor types include wound field DC and low voltage AC induction motors ranging in output from 1 to 15kw


DC Power Pack Systems

Power pack systems feature the motor, pump, valve body and reservoir together in one compact package. They’re often utilized in applications requiring a limited number of hydraulic circuits or pump capacity, such as in snowplows, lift gates and log splitters. Generally, the motors are permanent magnet DC or wound field DC designs and provide power in the 300W to 3.5kW range. These motors are generally closely integrated with the pump assembly, sharing an enclosure and shaft end bearing support.

Whether you need DC hydraulic pump motor solutions for the simplest of power packs or for high-capacity, variable speed hydraulic pumps, Nidec Drive Systems can provide hydraulic pump motor solutions to fit your specifications.

Some of the energy-efficient and reliable DC hydraulic pump motor product we offer include:

  • Brushed DC motors (PMDC and wound field DC)
  • Brushless PMAC motors
  • Low voltage AC induction motors

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