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Switched Reluctance Motors
Switched reluctance motors offer simple design with effective power
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Switched reluctance motors provide a distinct advantage in their simplicity of design. The fact they do not require brushes, windings, end rings or motor bars results in significant cost savings. Nidec manufactures rugged switched reluctance motors under our U.S. MOTORS® brand that customers depend on for their compact, cost-effective design. Our talented engineering teams can design customized SR motor solutions that stand up to the demanding tasks of many industry applications.

As a strategic component of Nidec, our team accesses resources of the world’s leading motor company to deliver resounding wins for our customers. Nidec also offers a line of IE4-compatible SR Drives® products that can be paired with our SR motors, resulting in integrated systems that provide you optimal efficiency and performance. Our drives can alternatively be paired with other motors.

The switched reluctance motors we offer are considered “rare-earth free,” which makes them a great option for going green – but they sacrifice none of the effectiveness you require. You can find Nidec SR drives and motors in use in some of the most demanding industrial applications throughout the world, including:

  • Cooling fan applications delivering over one ton of air every second
  • High-speed centrifugal pumping applications operating up to 6,300 RPM with direct drive from the motor
  • Screw compressor controllers operating up to 4,500 RPM with direct drive from the motor
  • Conveyors on the United Kingdom’s largest coal-fired power station
  • Load-out conveyors that operate at over 300% overload torque

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