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Nidec has been a powerhouse in the electric motor industry for decades, with a portfolio of brands that extend back over a century. Our U.S. MOTORS® brand revolutionized the pumping industry in 1922 with the creation of our innovative HOLLOSHAFT® motor. Developed to fulfill the unique requirements of the vertical turbine pump industry, our hollow shaft and solid shaft vertical pump motors provide first-class reliability you can rely on when you need it most. Our stellar engineering teams take pride in designing products and fully integrated systems that provide high-quality longevity.


Our CONTROL TECHNIQUES™ brand started under a different name in 1973 when it launched a line of DC thyristor drives that served various industry applications. Today, under the Nidec umbrella, this innovative brand manufactures motor control and power conversion technology for many commercial and industrial applications. If you require high performance and energy efficiency, you can depend on the CONTROL TECHNIQUES brand.


The HURST® brand has been creating quality products since 1950, when it started as part of a family-owned tool shop in Indiana. Now part of Nidec, this brand still provides the same reliability that helped establish it as an innovator in the motor industry. The HURST brand manufactures sturdy pump motors that will ensure your applications stay on task and schedule.


Our LEROY-SOMER™ brand got its start in 1919 when Marcellin Leroy formed a motor company in France. This brand has established a global reputation for providing quality and energy efficiency. You can depend on the innovative solutions our engineering teams offer, ensuring that your pumping needs are met and your processes continue with as few headaches as possible.


Our MERKLE-KORFF™ brand launched in 1911 and sealed its reputation as a pioneer by developing gearmotors in the 1920s. Also known for innovating the simple cup-drop motor in soft drink machines a few decades later, the MERKLE-KORFF brand continues its passion for pioneering electric motors. You can depend on pump motors from this brand to provide cutting-edge technology and outstanding reliability.


Our SR DRIVES® brand delivers products with not only very high system efficiency but that are also able to maintain that high efficiency over the full operating range of most pumps and compressors. In some cases, the high operating speeds available from SR Drive systems enables the motor to be direct-coupled to the final application, removing the need for speed-increasing gears or belts and their associated set-up and maintenance. Precise variable-speed control eliminates the need for inefficient bypass systems, enabling dramatic reductions in operating costs.


The U.S. MOTORS® brand dates back to 1908 when it started as part of the United States Electrical Manufacturing Company. One of the most respected (and oldest) brands in the motor industry, the U.S. MOTORS brand continues standing for reliability, quality and innovation. Our pump motors provide you optimal performance and longevity, ensuring that your processes roll on with dependability.