Oil, Gas & Refining
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The oil, gas and refining industry presents some of the most dangerous challenges for both its workers and the equipment they use. You can depend on Nidec to provide commercial, oil, gas and refining motors that operate at optimal efficiency and provide the utmost safety. We build our hazardous location motors to stand up to a variety of harsh elements. These motors are designed to contain explosions within their casings rather than allowing outside ignition. Trust Nidec motors to deliver efficient and durable products that will keep your workers and equipment as safe as possible.


Our HURST® brand has been delivering superb quality and customer service since it started under a small family-owned tool shop in 1950. Three generations of the Hurst family have continued the tradition of innovative precision motor development. HURST brand motors are highly regarded in the industry and provide cost-effective, high-quality performance.


The LEROY-SOMER™ brand has been providing motors and drives solutions to many of the major players in the oil, gas and refining supply chain. We take pride in our in-depth expertise in the extracting, processing and transporting of fuel. Our motors and drives provide solutions for industrial installations and equipment that include offshore installations, onshore installations and transportation equipment (e.g., pipeline compression stations).


The U.S. MOTORS® brand has been a trusted name in the oil, gas and refining industry for decades. Whether you need a motor for offshore drilling or to endure frigid northern climates, you can depend on this brand to provide quality and longevity. We offer several U.S. MOTORS brand motors that stand up to harsh conditions and climates. You can depend on our oil, gas and refining motors to provide the excellence you require.