Brushed DC Motors (Wound Field)

Wound field DC (WFDC) motors typically have higher torque and speed capabilities than their permanent magnet counterparts. Nidec Drive Systems offers a range of robust, proven WFDC motors with a variety of available enclosures, mounting types and other features. Available WFDC motor types include:

Series wound

  • Armature and field are wound in a series
  • Provides high starting torque
  • Ideal for applications where a simple contactor or very simple speed control is used

Separately excited (sepex)

  • Armature and field are wound separately
  • Provides greater control over rotor speed
  • Best for traction applications, requires a more advanced controller

Compound wound

  • Utilizes a combination of series and parallel wound field coils
  • Provides optimized performance within a certain load range
  • Used most often in pumping applications

Wound field DC Motors     

 Motor Diameter  Voltage Range Power Level  RPM Range  Applications  Industries 
 114 mm 12-24  2.0 HP  1.5 kW   0-5000 Pumps, Starter/Generator, Traction  AWP, MH, Floorcare, Golf Cart 
 140 mm 12-48 4.0 HP 3.0 kW 0-5000  Pumps, Traction AWP, MH
 170 mm 12-96 9.0 HP 7.0 kW 0-5000  Pumps, Traction AWP, MH
203 mm 24-144 20.0 HP 15.0 kW 0-5000 Pumps MH
231 mm 24-144 26.0 HP 19.0 kW 0-5000 Pumps MH
280 mm 12-48 25.0 HP 19.0 kW 0-4000 Pumps MH



Available Enclosures   Both Open and Totally Enclosed available, from IP20 to IP54
Mounting types   Foot, face mounting, a wide variety of hydraulic pump mounting standards. Also available at 3/4 motors for integrated applications
RPM Range   0 to 5000 RPM 

 Reversible or single rotation

Insulation   Class H insulation system
 Other   Sealed bearings with high temperature grease
Heavy duty commutator construction
 Heavy duty brass brush boxes
 Stainless steel brush springs
 High temperature brush shunt connection
 Easy brush replacement
 Available with brake systems
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